On Sun­day, Janu­ary 15, 2023, seve­ral dro­ve adult cou­ples A pair of child­ren from our club went to Ebers­wal­de for the popu­lar sports tour­na­ment. The tour­na­ment was orga­ni­zed by the Green-Gold dance sports depart­ment of SV Motor Ebers­wal­de eV. 

After a long break, our child­ren were also pre­sent Jona­than Lan­ge and Daliah Guen­ther as well as the adult cou­ples Yvonne Ren­né and Ste­fan Böh­me, Chris­ti­ne Becker and Maik Zabel, Tho­ralf and Anja Böli­cke, Dr. Fran­zis­ka and Mar­co Schit­tek and Heinz and Car­la Krau­se.

It was ano­ther suc­cessful tour­na­ment day for our cou­ples. Jona­than and Daliah won the two Latin tour­na­ments (up to 15 years and from 16 years) and came third in stan­dard (from 16 years). 

In the Stan­dard (from 35 years) and Latin (from 35 years) com­pe­ti­ti­ons, our four adult cou­ples in this age group took places 1–4. Tho­ralf and Anja Car­la won the tour­na­ment, Yvonne and Ste­fan took second place twice. Chris­ti­ne and Maik as well as Fran­zis­ka and Mar­co each took third place once and fourth place once. 

Car­la and Heinz won the stan­dard tour­na­ment in the age group 55 and over. 

Latin (up to 15 years)
1st place
Latin (from 16 years)
1st place
Stan­dard (from 16 years)
place 3
Stan­dard (from 35 years)
Places 1–4
Latin (from 35 years)
Places 1–4
Stan­dard (from 55 years)
1st place

We con­gra­tu­la­te our dancing cou­ples on this suc­cessful weekend in Ebers­wal­de and wish you con­tin­ued fun dancing. 



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